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Who is swissvoice?

Swissvoice is a Swiss telecommunications company which was created from the Terminals Division of Ascom. Today we operate sites in Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland and Hong Kong.
For more information about our company, go to the swissvoice section.

Whom can I contact if I have a problem with my telephone?

You will find detailed information on our Customer Service under Hotline.

What does fulleco® mean?

Fulleco® is a technology for radiation and consumption reduction developed by the Research & Development Department of swissvoice: Link

Where can I find press information about swissvoice?

All press releases, articles and contacts are provided on our home page under "Press".

How do I become a swissvoice sales partner?

If you are interested in becoming a swissvoice sales partner, please contact our Sales Department which will be glad to explain the procedure to you.

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Where can I find more documentation and auxiliary material about your products e.g. software updates or user manuals?

All such information is provided on the data sheet for each product. Go to "Products" to find all images, user instructions and data sheets for our products.

What do the names of your telephones stand for?

Aeris and Avena telephones are analog phones, while Eurit is our ISDN telephone range.