Innovative Technologies

Because swissvoice products feature the latest technologies, they enable you to reap the benefits of current and future telephone functions. Respect for the environment is a top priority at swissvoice, which is why our products are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.


CAT-iq “Cordless Advanced Technology—internet and quality” is a brand-new technology for the further development of the DECT standard for fixed-network telephony. CAT-iq enables conventional telephone applications to be connected to IP networks.

  • The advantages of CAT-iq at a glance
  • Outstanding voice quality
  • RSS feed
  • Direct access to Internet applications such as the configuration and maintenance of devices

Thanks to Internet connectivity, fixed-network telephones are transformed into multimedia devices that offer a wide range of functions such as automatic synchronisation of your contacts.


What is fulleco®?

Swissvoice fulleco® is the latest innovation in terms of reduction of electromagnetic radiation (so called “electro-smog”) as well as electrical power consumption reduction.

fulleco® includes three main features:

1. Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode

Swissvoice has already products on the market with a Low Radiation Mode, which lowers the radiation during idle mode. The main limitations of that Low Radiation Mode are:

• It only works with a single handset

• The transmit power of the „Dummy bearer“ is switched to a very low level, when the base station is in idle mode (no active connection) and the handset is placed on the charge cradle of the base station.

The new Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode feature overcomes the limitations of its predecessor.

Functional enhancements are:

• It works with multiple handsets subscribed to the base station

• It completely switches off all radiation during idle mode (no connection active)

• It is not necessary to put the handset in the cradle

The Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode is not possible in U.S. DECT 6.0 version.

How does it work?

When the Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode feature is switched on, the base station switches off the dummy bearer after a timeout of approximately one minute, whenever the last call is terminated and no user activity is given on neither the base station nor one of the subscribed handsets.

Before entering into this “sleep mode” it broadcasts this information to the handsets to allow them to enter into sleep mode as well.

When Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode is activated, the electromagnetic radiation is totally shut down on the base station AND the handsets. This works with one or more handsets registered to the base station. The handsets and the base station are waiting for a wake-up signal, should a call come in or when you activate one handset. In other terms, electromagnetic radiation is generated only when the system is in use! During sleep mode the base station continuously scans the DECT frequencies for a wake up request from one of its subscribed handsets.

No radiation is created during this mode, which usually happens during most time of the day.

The base station exits the sleep mode by either of the following events:

• An incoming ringing signal is detected from the phone line

• A user presses one of the keys at the base station or at a handset.

Benefits of the Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode

• No radiation when the phone is in standby, which usually happens during most time of the day.

• Works with several registered handsets. Do not hesitate: install additional handsets in your bedrooms!

• No need to dock the handsets: leave them where you want!

• Use less energy


2. Radiation reduction in communication

From 65% up to 85% radiation reduction of the power transmitted by the handsets is achieved. Depending on the conditions, this happens at a distance of up to 25 meters to the base station.

How does it work?

The handset reduces transmit power depending on the receive signal strength of the active connection.

The power transmitted from the handset is automatically reduced to the lower level, depending on the distance to the base station. When a communication is established, the handsets are constantly monitoring the level of the signal coming from the base. The reduced radiation level is maintained if the quality of the communication is not affected. As soon as the signal becomes too weak to secure a perfect transmission quality, the handset will stop the radiation reduction.

Benefits of the Radiation reduction in communication

• Dynamically reduces the radiation emissions of the handset when in use, depending on the distance to the base station.

• Seamless conversation quality secured by constant monitoring

• No permanent degradation of the range and performances by manual radiation reduction activation.

• Works with a multi handset configuration

• Uses less energy and improves communication time.

In addition, for products offering “ECO mode” setting, the base reduces its radiation from 65% up to 85% too. This is effective in communication and in stand-by. However, this is compromising the range to 1/3 of the performance.


 3. Electrical consumption reduction

Swissvoice selected one efficient switching power supply. Former transformers were heating even in standby mode. With the help of modern components the switching mode power supply can cut the energy consumption by up to 50% in comparison to the conventional power adapters.

Combined with the Radiation Reduction and Multi Handsets Zero Emission Mode it contributes to protect environment by saving energy and reduce your costs.


Swissvoice who was a pioneer in the development of Radiation reduction innovated once more by introducing its fulleco®, a complete radiation emission reduction solution for single and multi-handsets.