Research & Development

From the outset, swissvoice has been committed to offering customers telephones based on cutting-edge technology.

This is why the Research & Development division is a fundamental part of the company. A spin-off from the Terminals Division of Ascom, swissvoice today has earned itself a deserved reputation for outstanding technological know-how.

With its forward-looking focus on new technologies, the company is distinguished by its commitment to developing innovative new products that play a key role in enhancing its profile and reputation within the industry.

Our development engineers in Switzerland and France continually keep abreast of the latest technological trends, in order to design telephones that are not only tailored to the needs of customers but also lead the field in terms of technology and ecology.

A pioneer in the development of ISDN and DECT telephones, swissvoice was quick to recognise the benefits of combining Internet and telephony functions and was among the first to integrate a WAP browser in one of its products.Another key mission of swissvoice is to develop energy-efficient solutions.

The company was the first to launch products featuring Ecomode and fulleco® technology on the market, and to be awarded the Energy Star label for its fulleco® range of products.Fulleco®, the latest innovation by swissvoice, is a symbol of our lasting commitment to designing solutions that help to reduce electricity consumption and radiation.

Patented and integrated in our telephones since 2008, it has been enthusiastically embraced by large network operators as well as our end customers.Currently our Research & Development Department is working on the interoperability between IP networks and the DECT standard using CAT-iq and VoIP technologies, in order to offer customers optimal telephone functionality: high tone quality, synchronisation with their technological environment, and of course safety and health protection.