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BH01u ePure Mobile Bluetooth Station

BH01u, ePure Bluetooth Station: Bluetooth Stereo Handset & Speakers

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Connect via USB to charge your smartphone or tablet while you listen to music

Enjoy superior sound from the high quality stereo speakers.

Rediscover the pleasure of conversation and connect wirelessly to your mobile phone, tablet, or PC and enjoy both your calls and songs with the ePure BH01u Bluetooth retro handset from Swissvoice. A stunning new experience in making cellular phone calls. The ePure mobile Bluetooth wireless handset delivers higher audio quality, both for regular and hands free conversations. It offers outstanding comfort of use, whilst making calls healthier by directing electromagnetic emissions and radiation from your cell phone away from your head. Charge your Smartpone using the embedded USB connector and enjoy wireless streaming of your music vibrantly to its two powerful built-in stereo speakers.

Stunning games and movie audio, the art of sound

Works with any Bluetooth phones, tablets, or PCs

Use the ePure BH01u Bluetooth receiver to make cellphone calls using your mobile phone, PC, or tablet and also enjoy a high-definition, full-duplex, hands-free speaking experience via a set of wireless stereo speakers and Apple's Siri control--even when you're not near your handset. It is also perfect to chat via Skype®, Google Talk™, FaceTime and any VoIP computer telephony.

The ePure  handset also allows you to stream mobile media from your mobile devices using its two powerful loudspeakers. Simply control the sound level and other functions (play/pause/next/previous) from the handset. Wireless music playback features superior music playing with extraordinary quality stereo speakers, high fidelity music streaming over Bluetooth, and easy music and volume control from the handset.

Ideal for the office, home, and traveling, this ePure Bluetooth handset will enhance your mobile experience and bring out the features of your mobile devices.

HD Voice, power of speech

HD sound quality is richer, more dynamic, and offers a better listening experience

The ePure Bluetooth handset has built-in to it the latest wideband audio technology which makes your conversation experience never same as before.

Fully compatible with iPhone 5 and mobile phones with HD voice enabled, the ePure handset’s vocal sound quality is richer and more natural. Now callers can feel closer to each other, better at sharing feelings and emotions.

The HD voice acoustic spectrum ranges from 50 Hz to 7,000 Hz, compared to 400-4,000 Hz for the traditional acoustic spectrum. ePure products was built from the ground up using HD microphones, receivers, speakers, codecs, and a HD speech processing algorithm to achieve the best sound superiority.

Acoustic transmission quality has been much the same for over a century. But now, HD voice device is revolutionizing the telephone industry.


Unique handset design results producing an impressive sound quality and loudness for hands free phoning or streaming music playlists.

Swissvoice implements a variety of expertise to increase user coziness and overall experience. The ergonomic design of this wireless and design device allows the user to restfully hold the handset between the hand and the ear. The positioning of the ePure telephone on the body can also moderate back pain normally associated with trying to hold small and slim handsets using the shoulder. The shape of the handset is a perfect match to the human ear, improving the overall sound quality and reducing acoustic leakage.

Fulleco Technology

Fulleco technology allows ePure mobile accessories to reduce the amount of electromagnetic waves absorbed by the human body.

There is evidence that radiation absorbed by the brain reduce by 400 percent when the distance between the body and the mobile phone user increases. By using a handset equipped with Fulleco technology, Swissvoice can drastically reduce the body's exposure to potentially harmful radiations without forgoing mobile functionality.

Propulsion Nozzle Effect

ePure speakers use the same fluid dynamics priciple as those used when designing the propulsion nozzle of an aircraft. The sound wave created by the speaker membrane is squeezed through a bottleneck and then expelled into a bigger resonance cavity. The result is an impressive sound quality for hands-free calling and music streaming.

Value proposition :
•  Double the Bluetooth Class II range from 10 meters to 20 meters line of sight
•  HD music playback with AAC audio codec support over Bluetooth
•  HD voice during conversation with HFP v1.6 support
•  Less radiation to your head and brain compared to standard cellular terminal
•  Unique and comfortable handset design
•  Charge your mobile phone with the embedded USB connector

Mobile charger compatible with:
• Any mobile phone with USB charging cable interface (cable not included)

Main features:
•  Make phone call from the handset
•  Full duplex hands free
•  Stereo wireless music speaker
•  Reduced RF emission from mobile phone to the head
•  Noise reduction for hands free
•  Pick up and end call from handset
•  10 level volume control from handset
•  Music control from handset
•  Visual indication of status

Technical data:
• 1000mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
•  Micro USB connector for charging
•  2 x 2 Watts loudspeaker
•  Bluetooth 2.1 EDR multi point technology for simultaneous connection to 2 devices
•  Bluetooth Class II with up to 20 meters reception range in line of sight environment
•  Bluetooth  profile : Hands Free Profile
•  Bluetooth  profile : A2DP for music listening
•  Bluetooth  profile : AVRCP for music control
•  Supported audio codec : AAC and SBC
•  Tailpipe effect acoustic chambers
•  High end rubber finish
•  Talk time : 6 hours
•  Standby time : 300 hours
•  Music listening time : 3.5 hours

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Phonebook size :
Answering machine : No
Display specifications :
Expandable : No
Eco : Fulleco
Baby call : No
Big keys : No
Handsfree : Yes

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