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Because staying in touch with family and friends has never been more important, Swissvoice offers a wide range of communication terminals for seniors seeking for simple, innovative and high-quality solutions. Designed to simplify the user experience, our products include home phones, accessories and mobile phones with exclusive Swissvoice functions.

for consumers

For Consumers

Fixed and mobile phones especially developed for seniors.

Today, talking to your loved ones daily and even better, being able to see them by video thanks to ultra-simple solutions, is at the heart of everyone’s concerns. That’s why, more than ever, Swissvoice aims to help seniors and their families maintain and strengthen their bond by offering easy-to-use telephones and communication solutions.

for business

For Business

Innovative communication solutions

Swissvoice manufactures corded VOIP devices designed to meet SOHO, craftmen, hospitality and SMB/enterprise needs. Whether you’re a self-employed person, a medical office, or a professional in a company, our solutions will optimize your daily efficiency. Read more