Swissvoice C50s

A unique concept of a simple to use smartphone with a comfort base station

Stay in touch with your parents !

More than ever, talking to our Seniors and seeing them is essential. Swissvoice C50s is the unique concept of a simple-to-use smartphone combined with a comfort base station.  It allows not only to speak with a clear and powerful sound, but also to see each other through very simple to implement video calls.
In addition to extra-strong ringtones, to avoid missing any calls, it offers many features specially designed for older people, such as being able to make a call using voice dialing or benefit from the Speech to Text function. But that's not all, the Swissvoice Premium Service* enables member of the C50s user's family to provide remote assistance when necessary.

- The comfort base station makes smartphone charging very simple and is designed for easy C50s use in the home.
-  The simple menu is easy to use and read and, for example, puts all your messages and pictures in the same place.
- Special functions have been designed to meet senior needs. The SOS button on the rear of the phone and on its base sends an emergency message to family and carers at just one click.

Swissvoice C50s is the ideal smartphone to stay in touch with the loved ones.
*Subject to subscription and availability of the service


Audio-boost button (35dB)Audio-boost button (35dB)
Extra-loud ring tones (85dB)Extra-loud ring tones (85dB)
SOS buttonSOS button
3 photo speed dials3 photo speed dials
Hearing-aid compatibleHearing-aid compatible
8MP camera8MP camera
Android 7.0Android 7.0
Swissvoice Premium ServiceSwissvoice Premium Service
Comfort base station

for easy smartphone charging at home. The high definition loudspeaker makes voice and video calls, the radio and internet videos easy to hear, and there is volume control, one-touch pick-up/hang-up and a big SOS button for peace of mind.

Simple to use menu

for easy access to the main functions: 3 photo speed dials, 3 main one-touch functions (Call, Messages, Pictures), one-touch access using the "More" button to all other functions (Camera, WhatsApp, Internet, Selfie, Medication etc.) and to all your favourite apps (weather, FM radio, YouTube, Facebook etc.).

The SOS button

located on the rear of the phone and also on the base or on an SOS bracelet (option) will send an emergency call and SMS with a geolocation link to 5 pre-set numbers.

Big keyboard

for easy SMS typing.

Select functions with one long press + vibration

to prevent mistakes.

3 photo speed dial buttons

for your favourite numbers.

Remote pickup

of the smartphone by a family member, thanks to Swissvoice Premium Service (fee depending).

C50s decor box