Swissvoice CD601

Simplify access to your premises

Indoor SIP IP video doorphone with multiple opening functions: RFID card, keypad, remote DTMF code

2 SIP accounts2 SIP accounts
View and Monitor your premises entrance from the deskphone

Compatible with Swissvoice CP2505G IP phone
Swissvoice CP2505G supports one-way video calls for surveillance apps

A full set of functions

Swissvoice CD601 has extensive features:

  • CMOS color camera, 1/4 inch, 1Mpixel
  • Opening (internal relay) : DTMF, PIN code, RFID card
  • Up to 1000 access rules and 4 time profiles
  • 1 on-board door relay
  • 2 SIP accounts
  • Peer to peer mode
  • Protection against dust and water splashes (IP65)
  • Compatible with Swissvoice CP2505G IP phone
  • POE