Swissvoice CW2335

Swissvoice WC2335 micro-system matching with your business requirements

CW2335 is by default composed of a standalone base and a DECT handset.

Color displayColor display
8 SIP accounts8 SIP accounts
HD soundHD sound
Up to 8 concurrent callsUp to 8 concurrent calls
A scalable solution

A dedicated solution
Swissvoice CW2335 can accept up to 10 handsets (Swissvoice CW35) and 5 repeaters (Swissvoice CW Repeater), so that the micro-system grows with business and helps to save costs.

Up to 8 concurrent calls
Up to 10 DECT handsets

HD Sound

Live a crystal-clear communication experience inducing more performance and efficiency.

Feature richness
A full set of functions

Swissvoice CW2335 offers a wide variety of features such as:

  • Up to 10 handsets
  • Full duplex hands free
  • 2" color display
  • Company directory (local (400 entries), shared (1000) and network)
  • up to 8 concurrent calls
  • Up to 2 calls per handset
  • Voice mail access
  • Call forward and transfer
  • DND feature
  • Headset connection

Ease of use
Large HD 2" color display to smoothly handle your way of communicating

  • A solution always up-to-date
  • All the necessary upgrades are run automatically via SUOTA

Headset connection

You work in a noisy atmosphere or your job requires to be focused and have your hands free, connect a headset and work as you like.