Swissvoice D28

The easy-to-use dual-display mobile phone

D28: the easy-to-use dual-display clamshell phone – intuitive and reassuring.

The D28 is equipped with two displays: a large 2.8-inch high-resolution colour display on the inside, and an always-on (E-ink) display on the outside, showing the time, the caller name or number, and waiting messages. To make it easier to use, the D28 has a simplified menu, as well as  comfortable keys, talk-back numbers and a 10-photo speed dial feature to call your favourite contacts at the press of a button. D28 is reassuring, with its powerful sound (with a volume boost of up to 35dB) and extra-loud ringtones (up to 90dB) so that you don't miss any calls. Two functions exclusive to Swissvoice: the phone rings louder when the same caller tries again immediately, and a text message is sent out to your close contacts if the battery is low, if several calls go unanswered, or if there is no activity on the mobile. For added safety, just by clicking the SOS button you can send pre-recorded text and voice messages to up to 5 people.
D28 is available in black or white.

Audio-boost key (+35dB)Audio-boost key (+35dB)
Extra-loud ringtones (+90dB)Extra-loud ringtones (+90dB)
SOS buttonSOS button
10-photo speed dial 10-photo speed dial
Hearing aid compatibleHearing aid compatible

2 displays for more practical use.

Easy charging stand

just place your phone on its stand, and it starts charging!

Exclusive to Swissvoice

text message sent out to close contacts if the battery is low, or if several calls go unanswered

SOS button

in an emergency, alert those around you at the press of a button!

10-memory speed dial with photos

to call your favourite contacts easily

D28 decor box