Swissvoice S38

The easy to use big button feature phone with dual display and exclusive Support Notifications

S38: the easy-to-use dual-display clamshell phone with big button and exclusive Support Notifications

S38 is equipped with two displays: a large 2.8-inch high-resolution colour display with large easy-to-read characters on the inside and a 1,77-inch cover display showing time, caller name or number and messages received. The external display also shows informative icons such as the battery level, the charging status and the missed calls.

Thanks to the base support, charging is so easy: just put the mobile on it, and it starts !

To make it easier to use, S38 has a simplified menu, as well as comfortable keys and talk-back numbers. 10 speed dial memory allow to call the favourite contacts at the press of a button. In addition, recordable talking Caller ID can be associated with the 10 photo phonebook contacts to recognize who is calling even from the sofa !

S38 is reassuring, with its powerful sound (with a volume boost of up to 35dB) and extra-loud ringtones (up to 90dB) so that you don't miss any calls. Two functions exclusive to Swissvoice: the phone rings louder for an immediate 2nd call from helper number within 3mn, and a text message is sent out to the Family Helper if the battery is low, if several calls go unanswered, or if there is no activity on the mobile.
For added safety, just by clicking the SOS button you can send pre-recorded text and voice messages to up to 5 people.
S38 is M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatible.

SAR values Head max: 0.15 W/kg – Body max: 0.96 W/kg – Limbs max: 1.888 W/Kg

The specific absorption rate (SAR) of the mobile phones is a measure of the rate of radiofrequency energy absorption by the body. Its measure is Watt per kilogram (W/kg). The maximum allowed radiation value in Europe is 2 Watt/kg for Head and Body.

Audio-boost key (+35dB)Audio-boost key (+35dB)
Extra-loud ringtones (+90dB)Extra-loud ringtones (+90dB)
SOS buttonSOS button
10-photo speed dial 10-photo speed dial
Hearing aid compatibleHearing aid compatible

A clear and powerful sound quality

Ideal to equip your seniors with a mobile phone featuring amplified sound.Thanks to the audio boost button on the side of the phone, it is possible to increase the volume by +35dB during a call to enjoy effortless conversations.The ringer has an adjustable extra loud volume of up to 90dB, to make sure to never miss a call.


For a very easy use, S38 is Dual display with internal color screen with big characters and external display with caller name or number to know who is calling before opening the phone, and time, date, battery level, missed call and new messages.

Easy charging stand

just place your phone on its stand, and it starts charging! It is a very good substitute to the USB cables not so easy to connect to the mobile. In addition, thanks to this base, you always know where your mobile is.

Unique care features for safety

To never miss a call from the family helper, the ringer volume is set to the maximum in case of immediate 2nd unanswered call within three minutes.In addition, Support Notifications allow to automatically send a text message to the family helper in case of low battery, missed call or lack of phone activity.It's reassuring for both the user and his family.

SOS key for peace of mind

The SOS key located at the rear of the mobile, allows to automatically send an emergency pre-recorded voice call to up to five pre-selected numbers of family or friends.

Direct memory keys with photos

10 photo speed dial allow to easily find the favorite contacts, friends or family. And if one of them is calling, the pre-recorded vocalization of his name will ensure easy recognition.

Direct keys for ease of use

3 easy buttons with icons allow to activate the 2.0 MP camera, easily find the 500-record directory or the handy torch.