Swissvoice Xtra 1150

An easy to use corded phone with display

Xtra 1150, the easy-to-use corded phone with reinforced comfort functions.

It is equipped with a backlited display and 2 direct memories M1 and M2 to call in just one click your favrite contacts. The large key keypad with talking digit allows to avoid any dialing mistakes.
The handset and the base volume are 4-level adjustable and the audio-boost key offers extra loud earpiece volume of +30dB. From the sound side, the phone features a high-quality handsfree function for the pleasure of sharing conversations. The ringer can be set to +85dB. Xtra 1150 provides large backlighted incoming call indicator on both handset and base.

Xtra 1150 is Hearing Aid Compatible - The product is available in white.

Extra loud ringer (+85dB)Extra loud ringer (+85dB)
Audio-boost (+30dB)Audio-boost (+30dB)
Answering machineAnswering machine
Hearing Aid CompatileHearing Aid Compatile
Big backlited display with big keys

For a perfect readability.

2 direct memories

To reach your favorite contacts the easiest way.

Audio-Boost key

Listen without effort to your contacts.

Large key keypad

Simply dial your numbers.

Xtra 1150 decor box