Swissvoice Xtra 3155

Security and mobility all in one Combo

Xtra 3155 is the perfect deal between a corded phone and a DECT, bringing together security and mobility.
8 photos memories on the corded phone and 4 on the handset allow you to instantly call your closet relatives. Both keypads are equipped with large keys and talking digits to avoid any dialing mistakes. The corded phone works even during power cuts ! You feel safer !
The handset and the base volume are 6-level adjustable and the audio-boost key offers extra loud earpiece volume of 30dB. To avoid missing any call, the ringer can be set to 90dB and the phone provides large backlighted incoming call indicators on both handset and base. The answering machine has 30 minutes recording time and a slow play message for an effortless listening.
For the pleasure of sharing conversation, Xtra 3155 features a high-quality handsfree function.

To complete your equipment, you can combine up to 3 additional Swissvoice accessories with your Xtra 3155 phone, to be discovered here.
Xtra 3155 is Hearing Aid Compatible - The product is available in white

Extra loud ringer (+90dB)Extra loud ringer (+90dB)
Audio-boost (+30dB)Audio-boost (+30dB)
Answering machine Answering machine
Hearing Aid Compatible Hearing Aid Compatible
Large backlit display on the cordless

For a perfect readability

8 photo memories on the corded phone

Call your favorite relatives in the easiest way!

Large key keypad with talking digits

To prevent you from any dialing mistake!

30 minutes Answering machine

Featuring helpful slow play message function

Combine up to 3 additional Swissvoice accessories with your Xtra 3155 phone

Xtra 3155 decor box