Swissvoice Xtra Handset 8155

Additional DECT handset with XL format

Xtra Handset 8155 is a cordless extra handset with large keys.

Accessory exclusively for Swissvoice Xtra 2155 and Xtra 3155 DECT telephones.
Xtra Handset 8155 offers a high quality hands-free function, an ajustable volume control (with 6 volume levels) and an audio-boost key (+30dB). The ringtones are very loud, up to 90dB so that you never miss a call. A flashing LED on the handset signals incoming calls. Xtra Handset 8155 is Hearing Aid Compatible and is easy to pair with the main phone.

Up to 3 additional handsets can be added to your Xtra 2155 or Xtra 3155 telephone.

Extra loud ringer (+ 90dB)Extra loud ringer (+ 90dB)
Audio-boost (+ 30dB)Audio-boost (+ 30dB)
Hearing Aid Compatible Hearing Aid Compatible
Large backlit display

For a perfect readability.

Large key keypad with talking digits

Simply dial your numbers.

4 direct memories (A, B, C and D)

the same as the ones registered on your Xtra 2155 or Xtra 3155.