Swissvoice Xtra Photo 8155

Additional DECT handset with 4-photo speed dial and charger

Xtra Photo 8155 is a simplified cordless extra handset with large customisable keys.

Accessory exclusively for Swissvoice Xtra 2155 and Xtra 3155 DECT telephones.
Equipped (like the DECT Xtra 2155 or 3155) with 4 large direct memory keys that can hold a photo (3 x 2 cm) so you can call your favourite contacts at the press of a button. Xtra Photo offers a hands-free function and a hearing volume of up to 20dB, with 5 volume levels (+/- keys). The ringtones are very loud, up to 85dB (5 levels + off) so that you never miss a call.
A flashing LED signals incoming calls.

Up to 3 additional handsets can be added to your Xtra 2155 or Xtra 3155 telephone.

4 direct photo memories4 direct photo memories
Hands-free functionHands-free function
Loud volume (up to +20dB)Loud volume (up to +20dB)
Extra loud ringer (up to 85dB)Extra loud ringer (up to 85dB)
4 speed-dial keys with photos

Call your favourite contacts at the press of a button.

4 mémoires photos directes sur le Swissvoice Xtra Photo

Réglage facile du volume

Easy volume adjustment

using the + / - key on the side of the handset.

Hands-free function

Move around freely as you call, with great sound quality..

Fonction mains-libres