Large HR color displayLarge HR color display
SOS button SOS button
3 photo memories3 photo memories
8MP camera 8MP camera
12 Go Android 12 Go Android
Hearing-aid compatibleHearing-aid compatible
Easy-to-use smartphone for active seniors, with magnetic charging cable

Bluetooth 5.0 / WIFI 2.4 and 5GHz supported - Android 12GBTalk time: up to 12h / Standby time: up to 350h 2 micro sim card slots - SD card support (up to 64 GB)USB type-C magnetic cable with USB power socket2 GB RAM - 16 GB flash memory - 8.0MP camera and 5MP selfies Compatible with hearing aids (M4/T4) - Menu languages: EN, FR, ES, PT, DE, NL, IT, SE, DK, NO, FI, RU, AR, IN, CN, CZ, GR, IL - Dimensions: 148 x 70 x 11 mm - Weight: 166g

Unique simplified WhatsApp menu

To make it really easy for seniors to use WhatsApp to keep in touch with loved ones, Swissvoice S510-M offers a menu with four large touch buttons for writing an SMS, making a voice or video call and sending a voice message.Vocalization of received text messages and dictation of text messages to be sent, guarantee even greater ease.

Super easy charging

Thanks to the magnetic USB-C cable, charging is really easy and safe, whether you're at home or travelling! The cable can even be inserted with just one hand, without any fear: it is directly attracted by the magnetic USB-C tip. The magnetic cable allows the smartphone to be used while charging.

Menu for inexperienced users

Intuitive and easy to use for older people, the menu works almost without scrolling, but by slow press on the big touch keys. There are 4 levels of click duration to choose from, depending on the user's dexterity. The vibration and blue colouring of the keys each time they are pressed confirm that they are being used correctly.

sight support

On the home page: three photo memories allow to call the favourite contacts or the operator's voicemail. Three to five large touch keys per page for an easy use of the phone.

Never miss a call!

The powerful ringer is adjustable up to 85dB with a vibrating option to make sure you never miss a call. In addition, S510-M is compatible with M4/T4 hearing aids.

SOS button for peace of mind

The SOS button on the back of the phone is a real reassurance for both the user and the family. It automatically calls the chosen family carer and sends them a text message with their GPS location. It will also send text messages to five additional numbers of family or friends.

Accessories to suit every need

To protect your phone both at home and away from home, two dedicated protective cases can be purchased separately: a credit card wallet case and a nomad case with a lanyard so you can keep your phone with you and avoid having to look for it. The smartphone can be charged even without removing the cases.

And for added security at home...

A Bluetooth bracelet is available as an option. Very practical to wear as a bracelet or around the neck, it can be used to make an emergency call to a family helper and send them a text message with a GPS location. Pressing the button will also send SMS to five additional numbers of family or friends. The bracelet can be used in the shower (IPX5).