Swissvoice CP2503 JA

Make CP2503 your own communication device and your top contacts or features will be at fingertips

CP2503 is a highly user-friendly and customizable SIP phone. Its HD color display and programmable paperless keys will boost your everyday efficiency.

Color HD displayColor HD display
Self-labelled keysSelf-labelled keys
4 SIP accounts4 SIP accounts
Enhanced keypadEnhanced keypad
Company directoryCompany directory
Large, high resolution Color display

A stunning display
Make information clearer and simpler with the HD color screen. Enjoy a new way of communication.

2.8’’ TFT display
320x240 resolution
Self-labelled keys

CP2503 is fitted with 8 programmable paperless self-labelled keys (up to 28 virtual keys). Just press the corresponding key to reach the pre-set line, contact or feature.

Enhanced keypad
Ease of use
A smart keypad

CP2503 keypad has been designed to quickly spot the most popular business features:

  • Put a call on hold very easily
  • Simple as a click to set up a conference
  • Straightforward call transfer: no one gonna be lost
  • Listen rapidly to your voice mails

Soft keys
4 customizable soft keys for a smooth management of the phone

Company directory
  • CP2503 is fitted with both local and network phonebooks.
  • Both directories benefit from a large capacity, thus allowing an enhanced contact management.